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Real Estate Investment Tips – How To Choose The Best Kind Of Commercial Property

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Are you planning on investing in South Florida real estate? If so, there’s nothing better than investing in commercial property because these types of properties can be classified as properties that generate profit for you in some way.

Before investing in commercial property though you have to know which types of properties to invest in by first knowing which are the best types of commercial properties.

1) Multifamily

Risk is typically limited with multifamily properties, such as apartments. High vacancy is somewhat of a rarity. When a tenant moves out, often little needs to be done to re-rent a unit beyond some fresh paint and new carpet. On the flip side, sometimes a lot needs to be done.

2) Office

Office spaces tend to be somewhat of an inflation hedge. Built into leases are increases in the rent. Plus, tenants are usually responsible for all costs, including net rent, taxes, maintenance, and insurance. However, when tenants churn, the vacant space may need major renovations to suit the new renter.

3) Industrial

Capital requirements are quite low with industrial spaces, but it’s an extremely competitive market right now. (Thanks, Amazon.)

4) Retail

High-end retail spaces (like promenades) and low-end spaces (think dollar stores) are currently doing well. But the retail properties that fall somewhere in between, such as strip malls, seem to be falling off.

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